American Sugar Association in Egypt … for the first time


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Diabetes is one of the most dangerous and widespread diseases in the world in recent years, and the World Health Organization announced on October 30, 2018 that the number of people with this disease has increased from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014, and unfortunately this increase is concentrated in Developing countries, including the Arab Gulf region and Egypt, and diabetes is known to be the main cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, foot amputation and other serious complications resulting from late detection of the disease and neglect of treatment, in addition to the psychological, social and material burden on the patient, his family and society B His family, and economically it drains the health budget in most countries of the world. For example, its cost has reached 327 billion dollars annually in the United States, an increase of 41% every five years. There are three major international medical gatherings that meet annually to discuss the latest research and developments regarding this disease, which is the American Diabetes Association (ADA), which is the oldest of these societies which was established In 1939, a few years after the discovery of the hormone insulin, a non-profit association that meets annually in one of the American states, more than 18 thousand members from different countries of the world who specialize in this disease attended the meeting in San Francisco in 2018. To study sugar (EASD), which Established in 1965 in Italy, the meeting is held annually in one of the European countries, in addition to the International Sugar Federation (IDF), which started its work in 1950 and is an international organization that includes more than 230 associations working in the field of sugar in more than 150 countries divided into 7 regions, including a region Middle East and North Africa.

In recent years, the American Diabetes Association has been keen on reaching its important annual scientific activity to everyone who could not attend the annual meeting, so it was agreed to choose an European and Asian cities annually to display the best research that was discussed in the annual meeting of the association, and by a global elite of leading scientists The association chooses them .. With great efforts, the Egyptian doctor Ibn Mansoura Prof. Dr. Osama Hamdy, a professor at Harvard University and the Jocelyn Institute, the largest international institute in sugar research and treatment, was able to agree with the association to hold its next meeting for the first time in Egypt in appreciation of Egypt’s status and history and in appreciation of p For its water, and for the Assembly’s window to be held in Africa and the countries of the Middle East next February 12, God willing, at the Hilton Heliopolis Hotel, the conference will be held under the patronage of Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister .. We hope that this conference will be a prelude to similar international conferences in the coming years, It is expected that around a thousand doctors from Egypt and neighboring countries will attend, and a special session will be devoted to presenting the diabetes situation in Egypt and the Arab countries to exchange information and experiences.

In fact, such an event represents a qualitative shift in Egypt’s handling of this serious disease in cooperation with international bodies in terms of:

First: It is a real beginning to build a bridge of scientific communication between our doctors and their counterparts in the United States who specialize in this field.

Second: It is possible through these meetings to agree to exchange experiences and participate in important global research, which gives our young physicians great opportunities that add a lot to their scientific balance.

Third: There is an opportunity to communicate and discuss new information to all doctors who were unable to attend the American Society’s annual conference.

Fourth: There is no doubt that such meetings add a lot to Egypt’s tourism balance worldwide, as it confirms Egypt’s cultural and scientific standing.

All thanks and greetings to everyone who contributed and contributes to the completion of this meeting, which we hope will be annually with the much better for the doctor and the patient.

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