American Tesla develops a car that talks to pedestrians … video


It seems that the electric car maker Tesla will add a new feature to its cars, as the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, posted a tweet containing a video saying “Tesla cars will talk to people soon if they want … this is real”, while the video shows the Tesla car model Model 3 is on the street and she says “Okay, don’t just stand there staring .. let’s go away” for the pedestrians, according to the Indian TOI website.

But Tesla CEO did not comment more details on this feature, but stated in another tweet that the feature would be compatible with Sentry anti-theft mode, while some linked the potential addition of talking to AutobotS from the Transformers series with comments like ” Can you make a real copy of Teslas Transformer fixed and mobile. “

The report pointed out that the advantage of speaking, when it is presented in cars, may succeed or fail immediately, taking into account its ability to shock pedestrians with speeches, certainly, bearing in mind that the Tesla model 3 comes equipped with a loudspeaker in the front network, according to the video , It could be the first Tesla car to have this feature.

Although Musk seems positive about the upcoming feature, many followers have not forgotten the failure that occurred during the detection of the Cybertruck last year during the demonstration, as the broken glass was smashed when throwing a metal ball on it, but the door of the truck escaped. From a heavy blow earlier.


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