Amid criticism, a German festival awards Sisi the “St. George” Medal


The Dresden Opera House festival “Zimber Oper” in the German city of Dresden awarded the “St. George” Medal this year to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The festival’s organizing federation announced that a delegation will deliver Al-Sisi the prize in the category of politics and culture on Sunday in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The Union said, in terms of awarding the medal, that in this way a statesman who is “hopeful and a fan of an entire continent” is honored, praising Sisi as “a distinguished builder and peacemaker in North Africa characterized by difficult crises”, adding that he is looking for dialogue with all parties and is considered “anchor to people And their hopes. “

The artistic director of the Zimpere Opera defended the decision to choose Sisi, and he said, in remarks to Radio Central Germany in Saxony: “We have as a slogan on the Order of St. George: Against the Current. This means that we are making important decisions.”

Very much for future development, “he said, adding that there is a desire to” build cultural bridges to create a middle language between regions across culture. “


In a tweet on his Twitter account, the Amnesty International branch in the state of Saxony criticized the awarding of the Medal to Sisi and considered it “an encouragement” for “those who crack down on criticism by force, responsible for torture, arbitrariness and detentions, and trample on human rights by foot,” according to the German website, Deutsche Welle.
“We do not fully understand your decision,” the organization added, addressing the awarding agency.

“After a member of the Saudi royal family and Putin got in, it is now Sisi’s turn to win the Zimber Ober Festival prize. It is naive and weak in insight. I am shocked,” said the German parliamentarian for the city of Dresden in a tweet on Twitter.

“Why would a dictator be awarded the Zimber Ober Festival Medal?” Asked Deutsche Welle.
The artistic director of the “Zimber Ober” festival defended the award of the Medal to Sisi, noting that it is not a purely political honor, because the donor is purely cultural. He added that the matter is related to the opening of a large national museum in Cairo that embraces Egyptian civilization, and Cairo will also witness the opening of a new opera house at the end of this year.

It is noteworthy that Russian President Vladimir Putin won this award in 2009, as well as his Romanian counterpart Klaus Yohannes in 2017.

This medal is a replica of a Baroque pendant with a picture of “St. George” as a hero who fought against the dragon, proclaiming the victory of good over evil. The original pendant is found in the “green cellar” museum in Dresden.

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