Amir Karara embarrass Rami Radwan and leaves the studio on the air


Books Ahmed Al-Dwairi

The artist Amir Karara left the studio “DMC Evening” suddenly on the air.

Karrar asked, during today’s episode of the “DMC Evening” program, which is presented by the media “Ramy Radwan _ Iman Al-Hosari”.

The journalist, Rami Radwan, was forced to exit to a quick break, echoing: “We go out, boy, a prince who formed a chapter in us.”

In the interview, Amir said that, coincidentally, he watched the Harb movie as symbols while traveling on a plane. He contacted the director of the work, Peter Mimi, and said to him: “This movie is very nice, Mimi, the first time I see the movie after the special screening.”

Karara pointed out that he is a democrat in dealing with his children, explaining that he takes his son with him at work and makes him work in all the works in “Photography Location” from photography to buffet.

Karara stressed that his relationship is serious and close with all the big stars in the cinema, and there will be no problem with anyone, to the extent that he agreed with the artist Nelly Karim to film the scene of a guest of honor on the same day of filming.


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