Among them are children … a family is poisoned by stuffing in the lake


Five people from one family were injured by poisoning, after eating a “stuffed” meal inside their house, in Abu Homs Center, Al-Buhaira Governorate.

Major General Magdy El-Kamary, director of the lake security, received a notification of the incident, and the investigations revealed that Damanhour Hospital had received “Sahar S.A.” (40 years), “Mohamed A.”, (15 years), “Marwan. S. “, (6 years old),” Moamen, I, “(5 years old),” Tariq Aaa, “(7 years old), who live in the Abu Homs Center, who suffer from poisoning.By asking the injured, they made it clear that after eating a stuffed meal at home, they experienced symptoms of poisoning and were taken to hospital.

The injured were transferred to the Poison Center at Alexandria University, and the Prosecution was informed of the investigation.

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