Amr Al-Janaini: Al-Ahly and Zamalek Summit in the league on February 24


Amr Al-Janaini, Chairman of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association, revealed that the Al-Ahly summit will not be postponedZamalek In the premier league championship, which is postponed from the fourth round of the Premier League, as is reported, confirming that it will be held on time on February 24 of next month.

Al-Janaini said to “the seventh day”, that the league does not bear any new postponements for the coming period, and we want to end the competition in June, and therefore the Egyptian League summit will be held on time.

Abu Dhabi Sports Council officials put up tickets for the Egyptian Super Cup match that brings together Al-Ahly and Zamalek on February 20 of next month, which will be held at the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi on February 20, 2020, and they were as follows :

vip 500 Dirham = 2150 Egyptian pounds

A special degree of 350 dirhams = 1510 pounds

First class (200 dirhams) = 860 Egyptian pounds

Class 2 (150 dirhams) = 645 Egyptian pounds

Class 3 (75 dirhams) = 325 Egyptian pounds

Class 4 (50 dirhams) = 215 Egyptian pounds

The Football Association officials revealed that there was a proposal to assign the local super match that brings together Al-Ahly, the league champion of the elapsed season, and Zamalek, the Egyptian Cup champion, on February 20 in the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in the UAE, to Egyptian referees and using the technologyvar The Football Association officials stated that the closest percentage so far is to assign the match to foreign referees, as was announced before, especially as it was decided in an official capacity to use the experience ofvar There is a fear of using the technique with the Egyptian referees in a match like Al-Ahly and Zamalek.

The referees committee officials will be training during the current time until February 8 on the use of video referee technology, which is to be applied in the second round of the Egyptian league..

At its last meeting, chaired by Amr El-Ganainy, the Egyptian Football Association’s committee approved the agreement reached by Mohamed Fadl, a member of the committee, to establish the Egyptian Super Match between the Al-Ahly and Zamalek teams, in implementation of his assignment of this file by the committee .. Fadl had gone to the UAE on January 3 At the head of a delegation from the Egyptian Football Association, Hossam Al-Zanati included the General Coordinator of the Super and Omar Al-Ortangi match and Yusra Sharra from the Federation’s Marketing Department, where the delegation made inspection visits to three stadiums, Hazza Bin Zayed Stadiums, in Al Ain City, Mohammed bin Zayed and the Sports City in Abu Dhabi, where they were settled On the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in the meeting of Mohamed Fadl with Aref Al-Awani, Secretary General of Abu Dhabi Sports Council who witnessed agreement on the details of the meeting that included the match at 9:00 pm Thursday, February 20, in the presence of 37 thousand spectators, after the summit match between the two clubs was postponed to February 24 Instead of February 19.

Presidency, headed by Montaser El Nabrawy, promised to exit the super game in a way befitting Egypt’s reputation and to be an extension of appearing in local and international forums in a distinctive way, as was the custom in the African Nations Championships for adults and under 23 years, and to provide an opening and closing ceremony for the dazzling world, which was highlighted by the various media at that time.


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