An AI system that avoids self-driving cars is accidents .. Know how


Researchers from Stanford University in the United States of America devised a system that works by bouncing the laser beam from one of the walls to create a picture of hidden objects from view, and the artificial intelligence then deals in directing self-driving cars to prevent accidents, so the system can create a visual reconstruction of hidden scenes, to avoid For any expected clash.

According to the British “Daily Mail” newspaper, the research was funded by the US government agency.DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which is one of a number of similar technology programs being developed.

It can also be used by soldiers to see through walls, rescue workers looking for people, and even while traveling in space to examine the inner caves of an asteroid.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

This innovation was shared by researchers at Stanford University with experts from Princeton University, Southern Methodist University and Rice University, where the researchers used a commercially available camera sensor and the powerful standard laser in the new system, the laser beam bouncing and making what is around the wall visible.

Short exposure times are also necessary for real-time imaging, but they produce a lot of confusion in order for the existing algorithms to work. Therefore, to solve this problem, the researchers turned to deep learning, a form of machine learning that is best for interpreting large and varied data.

“Compared to other methods of invisible imaging, our deep learning algorithm is more robust and thus can work with much shorter exposure times,” said participating researcher Prasanna Rangarajan.

The artificial intelligence system effectively works to filter out confusion to create a picture of what is hidden behind the wall or object, thereby preventing the car from collision and expected accidents, and perhaps major companies fall into the accident crisis due to the technology of self-driving, and among the most prominent of which was an accident recently that resulted in the death of a woman at the hands of a self-propelled car Leadership.

Its imaging system provides high resolution and new imaging speeds, and these features enable applications that were not possible, such as reading a hidden license plate while driving.


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