An American movie that predicts the Corona virus since 2011..the beginning of the disease was from China as well


Al-Shaimaa Ahmed Farouk:

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Tuesday 28 January 2020 – 4:38 PM
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The American movie “Contagion” was released by director Stephen Soderberg in 2011, starring Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Lawrence Fishburne, The presence of Lou and Gwyneth Paltrow, which tells of an unknown disease that swept the world and killed 26 million people.

And the pioneers of social networking sites have monitored some similarities between the film and Corona disease, which has now appeared in China, and “Sunrise” in the following lines show the film’s events and the problems addressed.

• Film events

A woman and a man fall while walking after symptoms such as coughing and cold appear on them, and the two are returning from a trip to Hong Kong, China, from which the disease is transmitted to tens and thousands, and is spread all over the world.

Panic sweeps the places, and the work displays feelings of fear sweeping people; causing them to act inhuman and kill each other in front of medical clinics and pharmacies, and fall prey to any monument in the name of a drug that treats them.

In the middle of the film, scenes that express the state that the world has reached because of the disease appear, mosques, churches, gyms, shops, etc., all of them empty and no one has them, and scenes of mass graves and others expressing tragedy appear, such as in which one of the workers tells his boss that the plastic bags that Where the bodies are placed.

• Conflict between the beneficiaries and the government

The US government begins cooperating with preventive agencies and the World Health Organization, to search for the symptoms of the disease, its causes, how it spreads, and how it can be immunized, but things are confused and people are revolting in the streets and on social networks, and this is being used by a famous media person called “Alan”, who portrays himself He claims the symptoms of the disease, and then he recovers from the post-treatment days, and indeed people believe him and earn $ 4 million behind this, and he leads a campaign against the officials and accuses them of hiding the treatment, but at the end of the movie it is discovered that he is “uninfected” and what he did is “defraud the masses.” “.

Chinas concerns

After the disease spread through people returning from a flight in Hong Kong, the United States sent an investigator to monitor what happened before the death of the first American citizen and transmitted the disease to Chicago, and while the investigator is there, she is kidnapped with large numbers of Americans (doctors, scholars, and others), and French citizens, and came One of the heroes of the work, who embodies a Chinese citizen, said: “We want when they find the medicine, we will be on the list of those who obtain it.”

The work reveals the evasions of the American authorities, as it gives them a fake prayer place later, and when the investigator learns, she escapes to return to those who were deceived, and the film presents those fears also using rumors of social media, as some made the decision to kidnap Americans and other nationalities after spreading rumors on the communication sites that tell about A discovery is made, but it is obscured by not being awarded to other hostile countries.

What is the disease spread in the movie?

The work demonstrated this disease through several things. At first, they discovered that it was from the union of a series of cells for a bat and pig, and they tried to do a process of development of the existing sample, but it was killing all the bodies that are placed in it, whether animals or birds or anything.

The disease afflicted the cells of the nervous and respiratory system, and its symptoms appear in coughs, colds, and extremely high temperatures, and its symptoms are similar to cold, and people were trying to prevent it with hot water, soap, permanent sterilization, using masks, avoiding gatherings and contacting others.

In the last scene in the movie, the reality of the disease appeared and how it was transferred to American citizenship, in one of the forests was cut down trees, bats migrated from them, and a bat while flying had eaten a piece of banana on a tree above a pig farm, where it fell from it and ate from it pig, The farm owner comes and slays the pig with another group and takes them to a restaurant, where the American woman watched, and there she meets a person who makes her take a picture of someone in the kitchen while cutting the slaughtered pig, and the infection transmits to her, and transmits it to those around her and the disease spreads.

Coronas symptoms

According to the World Health Organization, the mysterious Corona virus spread in China has similar symptoms with the common cold that afflicts us a lot during the winter, and simple things are what make the difference.

Corona is not a single virus but rather a group of viruses that when one of them infects the body shows symptoms of a common cold, and remains hidden until complications appear, and symptoms that are similar to the cold: (runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever), which are high temperatures and shortness of breath Vomiting and diarrhea.

And when you catch a cold, the symptoms are mild and possible, but when the body becomes infected with the Corona virus, the symptoms become fierce after 3 days of infection, and lead quickly to the occurrence of pneumonia followed by a stoppage in some vital body systems such as the heart and severe acute respiratory syndrome, which is the inability to breathe without an apparatus Respiratory, kidney failure and this leads to death.


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