An earthquake measuring 4.09 Richter in Hurghada … Astronomical research reveals the


12:31 PM

Sunday January 19, 2020

Cairo – A A A:

Dr. Gad Mohamed El-Kady, President of the National Institute of Astronomical and Geophysical Research, said that the stations of the National Seismological Network recorded last night an earthquake measuring 4.09 degrees on the Richter scale, 97 kilometers southeast of Hurghada (inside the Red Sea), pointing out that it did not reach The institute has a statement of any losses or injuries.

The judge said – in a statement today, Sunday – that the time of the tremor was at 11 pm, 46 minutes and 12 seconds local time, noting that the coordinates of the tremor as recorded by the station are latitude 28.86 degrees north, and latitude 34.72 degrees east.

He added that the Institute’s Seismology Department contributes to achieving Egypt’s 2030 vision for sustainable development through monitoring and control of natural and industrial earthquakes with the latest national earthquake monitoring networks, as it includes the National Seismology Laboratory and the General Seismology Laboratory, as well as a group of scientists and specialists who carry out studies and research that serve all projects Major national development.

He explained that the main center of the National Seismic Network is located in Helwan along with 7 regional seismic centers covering all parts of the Republic, which are the regional seismic center in Aswan, the regional seismic center in Hurghada, the regional seismic center in Marsa Alam, the regional seismic center in Kharga in the New Valley, the regional seismic center in Borg El Arab El Jadida, the Regional Seismological Center in Marsa Matruh, and the Regional Seismological Center in El-Arish.

The head of the institute added that these sub centers provide expertise and advice to decision makers in the surrounding governorates and regions on the most suitable sites for development projects and architectural designs in order to achieve a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable development.

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