An Egyptian woman writes a report against her husband in Kuwait


An Egyptian expatriate in Kuwait insisted on editing a report against her husband, after he beat her with a “plastic hose”, after midnight, due to a personal dispute between them. The incident is attributed, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa, to the advancement of an Egyptian citizen in the third decade of life, to one of the stations of the Kuwaiti Al-Ahmadi Governorate, in order to release a report against her husband.

The wife said that her husband, 13 years older than her, beat her with “a plastic hose and with his hands”, which made her ask for help from neighbors, who intervened and called the police.

A source in the “Kuwaiti Interior” said that a patrol moved to their place of residence, the husband was arrested, and he was taken to the police station, and the wife was asked to see the hospital to bring a medical report.

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