An emergency meeting of the Gold Division of the Chamber of Commerce.. know the reasons


The General Division of Gold in the Chambers of Commerce holds an emergency meeting today, Wednesday, against the backdrop of the increasing severity of the crisis between gold merchants and the Tax Authority, due to the taxes of retail stores for gold, where the General Division of Gold in the Federation of Chambers of Commerce believes that the Tax Authority calculates the tax on total sales, not gains , Which made the number of cases between the Authority and gold retail stores reach 30 thousand cases, which is the number of retail stores in the Republic, according to estimates by the General Division of Gold.

This crisis is not its talk, but it has existed since the adoption of the value-added tax, except that the General Division of Gold in the Federation of Chambers of Commerce addressed the Tax Authority on more than one previous occasion, in which it called to address the various affairs with what was agreed upon between the Division and the Authority regarding the neutralization of the price of gold ore, and not counting Taxes on him.

Initially, Ihab Wasef, a member of the Board of Directors of the Precious Metals Division in the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, believes that the tax assessment of wholesale stores does not have any problems with the Tax Authority, and the whole crisis is related to retail stores in different governorates, indicating that tax missions since 2005 count the tax on shops Retail is the total sales, not the gain.

Wasef added to “The Seventh Day”, that the method of tax tax accounting for retail is not known, pointing out that the Tax Authority wasted the accounting books that we presented and dealt with us with the principle of “your sales is your profit”, and this matter created a major crisis from 2005, and tax issues with gold retailers doubled For 13 years.

A member of the Board of the Gold Division pointed out that the estimates of tax duties differ from one governorate to another, although it is assumed that the tax rate is one, explaining that the arbitrary estimates without the accounts and the errands go according to different visions in each governorate.


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