An employee retaliates against his wife’s lover by setting fire to his car in October


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An employee set fire to my owner’s car in retaliation for its owner, because of an emotional relationship between him and his wife, after which the wife left her employee’s husband’s house and went to stay with her lover.

The beginning of the incident, with a report from the first October department of a university lecturer, setting fire to his angel’s car, which led to his charring.

Immediately, a security force moved to the author’s place, found out the authenticity of the incident, and upon examination, a criminal suspicion was found.

Investigations revealed that behind the perpetration of the incident an employee of a cement company, in retaliation for the victim because of his incitement to his wife to leave the house and live with him.

After legalizing the situation, he was able to control him and admitted that he had committed the crime in retaliation for his suspicion of an emotional relationship between his wife and the car owner, and he poured a flammable substance on the car in retaliation.

Edited report on the incident, and notified the prosecutor for investigation.

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