“An hour was missing, and an individual came back with him” … Witnesses tell the details of Sas death


02:11 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Eyewitnesses narrated the details of Sayes killing by his surprise driver, with cartridge shots in Ayyat Center, south of Giza Governorate, today, Tuesday.

Witnesses said that a verbal altercation took place between the victim, “Hassanein”, responsible for the position of “Al-Ayat Qebli” and the driver because of the latter’s lack of commitment to the system followed “Al-Dour”.

The argument developed into skirmishes, and the attendance prevented matters from getting worse, and the driver left, threatening the situation official to respond quickly.

“An hour’s text was absent, and one cartridge came back with him.” Witnesses indicate that they were surprised by the return of the driver, and declared a firearm, “Spread a cartridge” and shot bullets towards the head of “Hassanein”, killing him instantly.

An enlarged force moved from Al-Ayyat Police Station to the site of the incident, and imposed a security cordon at the crime scene, coinciding with the arrival of the Public Prosecution for inspection.

A force led by the head of the South Giza sector quickly managed to seize the suspect and the weapon used in the incident, and edited the necessary report of the incident.

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