An international memorandum to arrest a famous sexual transgender in the Emirates after suspicion of involvement in the Dunya Butma case – (photos and videos)


7 hours ago

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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: in the latest developments in the Dunya Butma case and its link to the account of “Hamza Moon Baby, A famous Moroccan transgender has been summoned in the Emirates who may be linked to the case.

According to news websites, the Moroccan authorities issued an international warrant for the arrest of Sofia Taloun, a Moroccan living in the UAE, against the background of the case.

Sophias name was mentioned in the investigations, after it was revealed that her relationship with Donia Butma was common.

Accusations have been leveled at Dunia Boutma of causing the suicide of the Moroccan actress, Weam Al-Dahmani, nearly a year ago, because she was blackmailed by pictures of her, which brought her to a bad psychological state.


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