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Barcelonas latest news after Valverde’s departure

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January 14, 2020

Barcelona announced the departure of its coach, Ernesto Valverde, who had previously won 4 titles with the team in nearly two and a half seasons.

The Catalan club decided to appoint coach Kiki Seten with a contract that extends until June 2022 to become the coach of the club, starting from January 14.

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Here are the highlights of Barcelona today:

1 / Item for recovery:

The newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” stated that the administration of Josep Maria Bartomeo had set an agreement with Citin that allowed the club to break the contract with the coach at the end of the current season as well as the end of next season.

It appears that Bartomeo is still considering the arrival of Xavi to train the club, especially in the event of Citin failing to win the European Champions League this season.

2 / Time for Verbo:

Cadena Coupe Radio reported that Junior Verbo was more than happy that Citin arrived because the coach was mainly reliable with Real Betis.

Verbo is hoping that, under the leadership of Citin, he will succeed in winning the first place at the expense of Jordi Alba in the ranks of Barcelona.

3 / HE De Young and Puig:

Frenky de Young commented on Twitter: “Returning to the exercises with a fiery feeling”, just 3 minutes after Valverde’s departure was announced, and the player then deleted the tweet.

For his part, the young player Ricky Puig “tagged Lake” via Instagram on Barcelonas decision to get rid of Valverde.

Puig had not won the confidence of former Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde.

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4 / Citin loves Messi:

Spanish newspapers have quoted previous statements by coach Kiki Citin, who confirmed that Argentine star Lionel Messi is the best player in the history of football and the best player in the world today.

The newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” reported that Messi was very happy with the news of the appointment of Citin as coach of the club.

5 / The attacker’s decision:

Bartomeo is expected to sit with Citin within hours to talk about how to compensate for the injury of Luis Suarez and his absence from the field for nearly 4 months to come.


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