An uncle is injured on the Doctors of Minya bus: My niece will not give birth … and the accident


02:59 PM

Friday 17 January 2020

Minya – Mohamed Al-Nadi:

The father of the doctor, Ruth Reverend Isaiah Ramzy, one of the women injured in the accident of the Doctors of Minya bus, who happened on the eastern desert road in front of the creamy entrance in the Giza governorate, last Wednesday, said that the father of his niece lost her unborn child at the age of 4 months as a result of the accident.

“Bebawi” explained to “Masrawy” that, in 1990, his niece and father were subjected to a traffic accident, which resulted in the death and injury of “Ruth” fractures; however, she was able to overcome her injury and excelled in her educational life, until she became a superior doctor.

He added, “The uncle of the injured”, that his niece, married about 3 years ago, gave birth to a child, and was waiting for her second child, except that the accident caused his death, as well as a hysterectomy, which made her unable to have children again.

And criticized the “Father Bawassi,” the fact that female doctors were forced to attend training in Cairo despite their circumstances, saying, “There were several ways to end the training, by attending the trainer to Minya, or completing it via the internet, especially when we are in modern times, instead of forcing the pregnant woman to travel and others. Those who have circumstances that prevent them from traveling. “

Last Wednesday, at the eastern desert road, at the entrance to the Karimat Gate in the lead of Al-Jira governorate, two cars collided, killing two doctors and a driver, and wounding 12 others, all of them from Minya Governorate.

A source in the Minya Health Directorate said, in statements to him, that the deceased and the injured were on their way to attend a training course at the National Training Institute of the Ministry of Health, and their car collided with another, and the accident resulted in major damage to the car and the death of two doctors and the driver, confirming that the Minister of Health Dr. Hala Zayed ordered Transferring the injured to the Nasser Institute Hospital, and the deceased to Zeinhom morgue.

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