An unprecedented picture of an “icy halo” around the sun in the Alps from a camera phone


A cameraman captured while skiing just below the HOrnligrat mountain in the Swiss Alps, using the iPhone 11 only, as Michael Skinner took a stunning photo the moment the ice crystals froze from the air, creating an ideal “aura” around the sun, this visual phenomenon occurs, Which is actually known as the 22 ° state, when light interacts with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

According to the British Daily Mail website, Mike McKinnon, a geophysicist, said: “Crystals can be as high in clouds full of clouds, or as close to the ground as ice mist.”

“Just like raindrops that scatter light in rainbows, it can reflect ice crystals and refract light, and act as mirrors depending on the shape of the crystal and the angle of light encountered,” he added.

Snowy Image 1
The snowy picture of the aura

Skinner said that he was skating on the mountain when he looked behind him towards the top, and watched the amazing event taking shape, adding: “I quickly realized that the aura was developing in the backlight of the sun, and it was not clear at first until this light phenomenon increased unprecedentedly.”

The photo was taken in November 2019 at about 11 am on the HOrnligrat, HOrnli-Express and Urdenbahn Cable Car stations.

“The sun was struggling through the last clouds of snow for about an hour,” the photographer said on his blog, adding: “The temperature was -7 degrees, and I was waiting here for my colleague who arranged with him to go skiing.”

Snowy picture
Snowy picture

He stressed: “I used the time to capture the ambiance of beautiful lighting using my smartphone,” adding, “It was appropriate, because a few days ago I bought a smartphone with the new camera technology, so I was able to test it a little.”

This aura is one of the most common ice auras, forming a circle around a light source, and there are cases when only part of the aura is visible and others will form a full circle, the inner edge is red and sometimes the outer edge is white.


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