And he attends flirting with a modern image: “The first time I see a moon that rises during the day.”


In her well-known comedy way, the artist published The artist and Liso The star of Egypt Theater, a recent photo of her via her official account on the “Instagram” website today, Friday, flirting with herself by looking inside her car, and commenting on her sarcastic picture, “The first time I see a moon that rises during the day”, as Wizo tried, before that, to imitate the late artist Souad Hosni By publishing a picture in which she mocked the attempt to imitate Cinderella, where she published a picture in which she wore a famous dress of Cinderella Souad Hosni, which she had worn in one of her old films, and commented on the image in a sarcastic way, saying “Cinderella .. Alexandria.”


It is noteworthy that the actress Wizou, the star of the Misr Theater, gave birth to her first child in the past year 2019, and received him with a call and a comic message that reflects the lightness of her shadow that the audience is accustomed to, as she published an image of an animation for a fat child, and commented on it, “Praise be to God, whose grace is good works … The engineer, the captain, the officer or the counselor … who our Lord is his author, Haishovah..Ismail Sharif Hosni..our nurtured us and provided us

And win on Instagram
And win on Instagram

Dina Mohsen famous for Egyptian actress, who graduated from the Faculty of Education at Ain Shams University, and began acting through the theater in the plays (Madame Iman Salon) and (Plotica), but she gained great fame when she worked with the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi in the series (Teatro Egypt) The play, which enabled her to work later in the cinema through films (Jeeran Al Saad, Miri Passport).

And Wizoo has participated in several series, including entering into the forbidden, we are young, Mando, the great strong as a guest of honor, Captain Anoush, and Lami Al-Qatta, and Khalsa Shaykah with artist Ahmed Makki and the second Chico and Hisham Majid, and recently participated and Wizoo during the last Ramadan drama season in the series “Al-Wadi” Mr. Al-Shahat “accompanied by the artist Ahmed Fahmy, and here Al Zahed and Mohamed Abdel Rahman, where she appeared as a guest of honor during one of the workshops.


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