Angelina Jolie is accused of theft and Kim Kardashian’s husband drives her modestly and Will Smith faces cancer


The global news on our site enjoys a great follow-up by the readers, as the public is interested in following the news of the global stars and stars, and we have gathered for you in these lines the most important events that took place with celebrities around the world in 2019:

TheJustin TimberlakeHe cheats on his wifeZach EfronHe gets seriously ill andMadonnaHer fans get angry

Photos and videos of international artist Justin Timberlake, married to the actress, spread on social networking sitesJessica BielSince 2012 – actress Alisha Wainwright inNew OrleansAnd they are in a position to cause the public to question the fact that Justin betrayed his wife, especially that he also did not put the wedding ring on his finger.
Justin Timberlake issued a public apology to his wife Jessica Biel, two weeks after he was caught holding the actress Alisha Wainwright during the scenes of their new movie.
Justin blamed alcohol for his behavior, but he insisted that he had not betrayed his wife with the star of his movie, adding that the reason he issued the statement was to limit the rumors circulating, noting that the scandal surrounding the pictures “hurt the people he loves.”
Timberlake said he drank a lot that night, and he regretted his behavior: “This is not the example I want to be for my son.”

– The star Zac Efron was seriously ill in Papua, New Guinea, and the Australian Sunday Telegraph reported that Efron had been airlifted to a hospital inBrisbane CityIn Australia, he underwent treatment for several days, after suffering a bacterial infection.
Efron was filming in reality a TV series, entitled “Killing Zac Efron”.

– The world star Madonna angered the audience, after canceling her concert in Miami two hours before its launch, without revealing the reasons that led to this sudden decision.

In an incident that sparked widespread controversy around the world, federal agents in the United States seized weapons and drugs, on a private plane, rapper Lil Wayne.

– A person was arrested and tried to sneak into a houseCara DelevingneAnd Ashley Benson.

A tragic accident suffered by the starMark Anthony, After his $ 7 million yacht caught fire, before he capsized in the port of Miami.

TheAngelina JolieAccused of theft andwill SmithFaces cancer andBeyonceI was molested

Actress and writer Antonette Abamonte, star Angelina Jolie, was accused of stealing the thought of “Eternals”, which she had shown before.
The British newspaper “Daily Mail” published an appeal to Abamonte, her legal team for Jolie, to compensate her financially for her idea, and the owner of this lawsuit claims that she was the one who informed Jolie of her idea, which in turn marketed it to the company “Marvel” without reference.
She added that she worked for Jolie for 3 years, to teach her children the sign language, and also claimed that Jolie was mistreating her and “racistly”.

– Blow upMatthew KnowlesBeyonce’s father is a surprise, revealing that his daughter, Kelly Ronald, who was participating in the popular Destiny’s Child, was subjected to sexual harassment when they were 16 years old.
Matthew said in a television interview in order to promote his new book, Beyonce and Kelly were victims of harassment from members of the rap team Jagged Edge.
Matthew refused to disclose his reaction to the members of the jagged edge team in front of the camera, noting that he had taken a firm stand against them.
He also revealed the real age of his daughter, stressing that the age she tells the audience is not real, but that she is shortened from it for some years, and she is the same as many of the stars who hide their true ages.

– American actor Leonardo DiCaprio responded to the accusations leveled against him by Brazilian President Yair Bolsonaro, as he is the founder of the Amazon forest fires because he donates to non-profit organizations and non-profit organizations, which is a major reason behind these fires.
According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, DiCaprio published a statement on his personal page on a social networking site, in which he expressed his support for the citizens of Brazil who are working hard to preserve nature and their cultural heritage, and they work with great dedication and humility, to save their environment and follow that the future of these systems Eco is on the verge of collapse. He emphasized his pride in his support for these organizations and denied funding for environmentally damaging organizations, adding that he will continue to support both indigenous people, local governments, scholars, teachers, and any entity working hard to protect the Amazon jungle, and the future of the Brazilian people.

– The global actor admittedBrad PittHe was having trouble drinking alcohol, in a wide-ranging interview with the actorAnthony Hopkins. Pete spoke frankly of his alcohol-related problems and how he managed to give them up.
He added that drinking was seen as “an escape from reality, although he knew it was harmful to health.”

– American supermodel Katie Price has officially declared bankruptcy before the London City of Debt and Companies Court.

Iggy AzaleaShe stole $ 366,000 in jewelry from her Atlanta home.

– The American star Will Smith revealed that he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the colon, and Smith indicated that he made the decision to perform the operation after the doctor, “Ala Stanford”, told him that she must undergo it.

HusbandKim kardashianPays her modestLiam NeesonHe wanted to kill any black man he encountered

The world star surprisedMiley CyrusAll her fans around the world, after having been exposed to surgery in the vocal cords.
The American People magazine revealed details about the health of Cyrus, as the latter discovered problems with her vocal cords after undergoing treatment fortonsillitisCyrus was forbidden to speak for several weeks until she recovered.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian said she is considering honoring the desire of her husband, world star Kanye West, to wear less sexy clothes after she got older.
“He is my husband, so I want to honor him and honor what he feels and what he is going through at this stage of the change in his life,” Kim said on the real program.
“It mostly comes with children. The kids grow up and Kane is aware of what we have at home. We got rid of the television in the children’s rooms, and we removed the makeup from our daughter North’s room,” she added.
Kim confirmed that her 6-year-old daughter, North, is no longer allowed to wear makeup, but has since become “fascinated” by skin care.
Kim and Kanye were involved in a battle over an imageThe Kardashian familyIn a recent episode of reality TV show “KUWTK” and filmed before the Met Gala party, in which Kim “Corset” wore an exciting from Terry Mugler.
West told Kim that the exciting appearance is now hurting his soul, and he is working on his spiritual side as he heads towards religious songs, and his new album is titled “Jesus is the King.”
But Kardashian promised that while she wanted to please her husband, she would not give up her character.
“I do agree with him already, but I will always be me. We were having this conversation just to find out what things are overrated? I am a mother of four and I am 40 years old. When is the time to stop?”

– He got the starJohn LegendTitle, and John will topPeople magazine coverFor the nickname “The Most Exciting Man Alive”.

-FireGQ MagazineIn its Australian version, Man of the Year 2019 is awarded to Australian actor Jason Mamoa.

The Irish actor, Liam Neeson, shocked the people in his interview with the British newspaper “The Independent”, with his statement that he wanted earlier, to kill any black man he encounters, after he learned of the rape of a friend, and said: “After I learned thatThe black-skinned rapist, I went to the street with my stick, and I wanted to kill any black man, trying to get in my way. “
Nesson added that his desire to kill a black man had been chasing him for nearly a week, due to his outrage over the incident.
Liam Neeson mentioned this on the sidelines of his promotion of his latest movie, “Cold Pursuit”, which in his events embodies the role of a father who seeks revenge for the killing of his son.
Then Nison announced his apology for what he called a “hasty novel.”

The year 2019 witnessed the release of many films, and the top 10 films were ranked according to themTime magazine:

Pain & Glory

The Irishman

Once Upon a Time … inHollywoodThe

Marriage Story

Little Women


Knives Out

Dolemite Is My Name

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


As for the songs that were released in the aforementioned year, the top 10 songs also came, according to Time magazine:

“Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X

“Con Altura,” Rosalia x J Balvin

“Welcome to the Party,” Pop Smoke

“Juice,” Lizzo

“Don’t Start Now,” Dua Lipa

“Crime Pays,” Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

“Too Much,” Carly Rae Jepsen

“So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings,” Caroline Polachek

“Simmer,” Mahalia ft. Burna Boy

“Crowded Table,” The Highwomen


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