Apple launches a new update for the MacBook soon .. know its features


Recent leaks revealed that Apple plans to announce a new version of its devices soon, as the company is expected to provide an update to one of the MacBooks, as Apple had launched a 16-inch MacBook Pro during 2019, which came with a major update to the keyboard, which was characterized by better performance From the keyboard that came in the previous MacBook Pro, according to the American engadget site.

It also replaced the butterfly keyboard with a 16-inch MacBook Pro, which faced a lot of criticism from users during the past years, as the new version came with a mechanical keyboard with a more efficient writing experience, and it also features a flexible design that supports the user well to resist dust.

9to5Mac monitored documents from Apple indicating the company plans to launch a new update for MacBooks within a few months, as Apple registered a new notebook with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), which means that we may see the personal mobile device soon in the market, as it happened The habit when the company does this type of record.

The request indicated to a “portable personal computer” without specifying what type of MacBook will be updated exactly, but this in general gives a clear indication that the company will reveal the updated MacBook during its annual event that is held in the spring.

Referring to the expected updates, the device may include improvements to the touch bar as well as the keyboard, by adopting a new formulation and a different mechanism of action by adopting the regular keyboard system to avoid the problems of dust and dirt entering the device through it, and thus a change in the internal design of the plate shape and its consistency with the device.


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