Archeology knows nothing about it .. finding a storehouse with 12 mummies in Saqqara, Giza


The Public Security Sector, headed by Major General Alaa Salim, Assistant Minister of the Interior, succeeded in controlling an antique store, and has a stamp of an antiquities inspector since 1960, with 12 mummies, a sarcophagus cover, and stone carved in Giza.

Information was provided to the public security sector in conjunction with the General Administration of Tourism and Antiquities Police, that an antiquities store belonging to an ancient antiquities area is located next to the cemetery of Ptahhotep I, inside an antiquities area in Saqqara, which was not included in the lists of antiquities stores and is not known to antiquities inspectors.

The public security sector inspectors moved to the store, and upon examination it was found that the store is located in one of the rooms attached to the cemetery, which are tightly closed stone pieces with a wooden door on it locked and sealed in the name of an antiquities inspector in 1960.

And formed a committee that found inside the store two rooms inside, “12” wood coffins inside them “12” mummy and coffin cover and carved stone pieces, and legal measures were taken.

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