Art News .. Mona Farouk in hospital and details of Shwikar’s health condition


Over the past hours, Echo Al-Balad site has published a number of various technical news, and we review the most prominent of it, through the following report:Shwikar’s health after her death is common
During the past few hours, news of the deterioration of the health of the artist Shwikar circulated, as a rumor of her death reappeared.

Mona Farouk is in critical condition in the hospital. Details
Actress Mona Farouk published a picture of her on her Instagram page from a hospital, and she showed signs of severe fatigue, as she was placed under the artificial respirator.

Rami Jamal from inside the hospital before undergoing surgery: morning surgery
The artist Ramy Gamal entered this hospital hospital in the evening, after a period of his announcement that he had vitiligo.

The death of the star of the Beirut Bride series during filming
A number of Lebanese press reports reported the death of the Syrian actor Mahmoud Bilal, one of the heroes of the series “Bride of Beirut”, during his filming of the second part of the series in the Turkish capital, Istanbul.


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