Artist Khalil Al-Rumaithi collapses in front of Ali Al Ghurair’s tomb and mourns him with moving words (video)


The death of the famous Bahraini artist, Ali Al Ghurair, sparked a great state of sadness and pain between his fans and his fans, especially as he was famous for his role in the series “Taffash” and many of the works of art that left a great impression through his distinguished performance and artistic talent that he enjoyed, as prevailed A great state of sadness was also present in the Bahraini and Arab artistic community, and he was among those most affected by the death of the late artist, a colleague of his trainer and his righteous friend, the artist “Khalil Al-Rumaithi”, whom he mourned with moving words that cried everyone, as well as a breakdown during the funeral of his funeral in front of his grave.

Khalil Al-Romaithi mourns Ali Al-Ghurair

Through an influential message on his account on social media, artist Khalil Al-Rumaithi mourned his friend, artist Ali Al Ghurair with poignant words, saying: “My beloved, my teacher, my brother, and everything in this world“ Ali Al Ghurair ”is under God’s protection, asking everyone to pray for him, pointing out that he learned from The late deceased much in his artistic career as a brother and teacher, stressing that it was the main reason for his success in his artistic career.

Khalil Al-Romaithi collapsed during Al Ghurair’s funeral

Amidst a large crowd of mourners from art stars and citizens, the artist collapsed Khalil Al-Romaithi In front of the grave of the late artist Ali Al-Ghurair, after a difficult day he started going to him in the hospital and then to his house after his death and then to the mosque, and then going with him to the graves to make him feel his last resting place, but he did not possess himself in the moment of his farewell in front of his grave, and he sat and brushed the ground Crying, amid the sympathy of a number of the audience, most notably the artist Amin Al-Sayegh.

Who is the artist Khalil Al-Rumaithi?

It is worth noting that “Khalil Al-RomaithiHe is one of the famous actors in Bahrain, born on December 30, 1979, and he is famous for his performance in many different artworks, in which he presents a wonderful painting of the Arab proverb, the most prominent of which (the fires of restrictions, time constraints, paths, sideburns of Tafshan, Lulu, Marjan, Baraihna and the people of the house), along with many Among other artwork he excelled in and was able to reserve his position among the top Arab and Gulf stars.


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