Artist Rania Youssef: I expect that “The Kingdom of the Devil” will cause controversy when it starts


She said Actress Rania Youssef, the series “Kingdom of Satan“A popular drama that mixes imagination with myth in an unconventional way,” Rania Youssef said in a press statement on Sunday that she was happy to be in this work because she loves the director Ahmed Khaled Moussa, as he is a talented person in this industry and presents attractive works dealing with non-traditional topics.

She added that this series was made for being outside the Ramadan season race, and it will be shown on the Internet via an electronic platform early next February.

Rania Youssef indicated that she is betting on the series to constitute a dramatic surprise for the audience, especially that it belongs to the work of the collective championship, hoping that the mass reaction that is commensurate with the effort made in it is expected to meet .. expected that the series will cause controversy when it is presented because it is different and somewhat strange about Egyptian drama, where it relies on popular fantasy or deals with fictional events that have nothing to do with reality but within a lane.

She stressed that she does not refuse a distinguished action in order not to cooperate with a representative, because it is formed according to each personality she deals with.

The “Kingdom of Satan” events take place in a teaser within a popular neighborhood during the events of January 25.

The series introduces the lives of the residents of this neighborhood, which is known as the “Haddockh” neighborhood, but was known in the past as the “Satan” neighborhood, and the relationships between the residents of this neighborhood are revealed through the details of their daily lives.

Ghada Adel, Iman Al-Assi, Ahmed Dawoud, Salwa Khattab, Khaled Anwar, Asma Jalal, Nancy Salah, Mahmoud Al-Leithi, and authored by Mohammed Amin Radi, and directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa, will star in the series.


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