Asala clarifies the words attributed to her attack Nancy Ajram


The Syrian actress explainedauthenticityAttributed to her, followed by social media, that attack the Lebanese artistNancy AjramAnd her husband, Dr.Fadi Al-HashemAnd, in response to the robbery incident that occurred in their house that led to the killing of the thief, who is of Syrian nationality.
Asala wrote on her personal page on one of the social media websites, denying any comment on any issue currently being discussed, referring to followers according to the Ajram case, and she said: “I did not express any opinion regarding the issues in circulation, just because I do not want to interfere with being indulged in my own cause.” , My work and my family, my love and your good evening. “
It was reported among the followers that Asala accused Nancy Ajram and her husband of the premeditated murder of the Syrian youth, and described their story as fabricated and that “what was hidden was greater.”


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