Ashraf Zaki: Khaled al-Nabawi’s health is stable


Elaf from Beirut: The Egyptian Acting Professions Syndicate Ashraf Zaki reassured that “the health condition of the artist Khaled El Nabawi is currently stable after leaving the operating room.” He said during a telephone interview via the Egyptian TEN satellite, that the Prophet would be released from hospital within two days after his condition improved. He explained that he was in a hotel in the center of the country and felt ill, and was taken to the hospital.

He quoted “the Prophet” thanking him to the audience who asked about his health, saying: “The matter is simple, and the visit is forbidden.

The wife of the Egyptian artist had worried his fans, by writing it through her account on Facebook, in which she wrote: “Khaled is tired and strong .. I go to the hospital .. Please invite him.”

The Egyptian writer Farida Al-Shobashi revealed to Al-Arabiya that the Prophet was practicing sports, and he suffered severe pain, which necessitated his transfer to the French palace of Al-Aini Hospital, where doctors discovered a heart attack, and he underwent a catheterization procedure to assist him, then his condition improved. .


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