Assault on Ahmed Abu Hashima with a sex movie – Vidio


A sexual movie that began to circulate hours ago, depicting the famous Egyptian businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima, in a sexual position that suggests that he is having fun with one of them via Skype or via porn sites, devoted to this matter.

In the first moments, you believe what you see, because the camera is very confused in its movement, which means that the one who is photographing steals the image, but suddenly Abu Hashimas face with Delay comes out in his voice, we are not sure whether his voice is asking about the camera.

The release of Mona Farouk and Shaima Al Haj in the Khaled Youssef case

To this extent and the rest of the film I do not sill and trivialize, this is only if here is the beginning of a series of upcoming films, as happened to the director Khaled Youssef, but Khaled Youssef was involved and his films do not bear doubt while Abu Hashima has nothing of dust attached to his shoes, especially since the party that arranges His intrigues have long been known.

What is the validity of Ahmed Abu Hashimas marriage to Ronaldos sister and millions of dollars?

Here is one of the films one of them admits


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