Astronomers warn: a giant asteroid disintegrates and may fall to Earth


Astronomers warn that a giant asteroid will split into small parts, which could fall to our planet. In April 2017, it appeared A brightly colored fire ball over Kyoto, Japan, And is now believed to have originated from a space rock called 2003 YT1 It is more than one mile wide and has a moon.

“We have uncovered the true identity of a fiery sphere, it has a similar orbit to the near-Earth asteroid 2003,” said Toshihiro Kasuga, a scientist with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Kyoto Sangyo University. YT1 , Which is likely to be its original body, and the possible collapse of the space rock may be dangerous to life on Earth, and the main body may disintegrate 2003. YT1 , And those asteroids can collide with Earth over the next ten million years or so. “

According to the British website “Metro”, scientists found that the asteroid is being heated by the sun, which makes it rotate and may be forced to break up its body into smaller pieces.

“The emitted particles can enter the Earth’s atmosphere and appear as fireballs, which is exactly what happened in 2017. Fortunately, the size of the fireball over Kyoto was only a few centimeters and burned before it reached the surface,” Kasuga added.

Kasuga explained: “The Fire Ball of 2017 and its main asteroid gave us a behind-the-scenes look at meteors, and after that we plan to make more predictions of possible dangerous things approaching Earth, and meteorology can be important to take advanced steps towards defending the planets.”

Astronomers first revealed that the likely original object of the Kyoto fiery sphere is the duo asteroid near Earth (164121) 2003. YT1 In a paper published last year, and if humanity is still there to witness a catastrophic effect of this asteroid, we may face extinction or at least tolerate death and massacres.


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