At dawn on the night of the operation … Rami Jamal is undergoing surgery


The artist Rami Gamal raised his audience’s concern after publishing a picture of him from inside the hospital, during which he revealed that he would undergo surgery. Rami Jamal, through his account on the social blogging site “Twitter”, tweeted: “The dawn of the night of the operation, today is a difficult and long day, so that they can prepare me for his hate morning operation, God willing, we ask God for kindness as I have become accustomed to.”

Rami Jamal’s fans commented: “Our Lord completes your recovery for good and works well. Our Lord heals you and heals you and you do safety. Our Lord makes you safe.

Rami Gamal had announced at the end of 2019 that he had vitiligo, which made him think about the decision to retire, but he backed down after his fans and the stars of the Arab world supported him.


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