At the conclusion of the Berlin conference .. Lavrov on the Libyan dialogue: not serious


Source: Al, France Press

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, announced that the parties to the conflict in Libya were unsuccessful in starting a “serious dialogue” during International conference Held on Sunday in Berlin.

“The conference was very useful (…) But it is clear that we have not yet succeeded in launching a serious and lasting dialogue” between the commander of the national army, Khalifa Haftar, and the head of the Al-Wefaq government, Fayez al-Sarraj.

He added, “The Libyan parties have taken a small step forward compared to what happened during Moscow meetingsLast Monday, when Hifter refused to sign a ceasefire, he said he needed more time.

As in Moscow, al-Sarraj and Haftar did not meet in the German capital, as the leaders of the main countries involved in the conflict in Libya promised to respect the arms embargo decided by the United Nations in 2011, and rejected any foreign “interference” in the conflict.

Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in the conference along with other leaders from countries involved in the Libyan conflict.

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