Attractive makeup and a short dress .. Laila Elwi showcases her elegance in the latest appearance


Friday 17 / Jan / 2020 – 12:24 PM

Leila Alawi

Leila Alawi

The artist made sure Leila Alawi The participation of its followers through its official account on the social networking site Instagram, With pictures New to her, accompanied by Amr Adib and artist Nelly Karim.
Appeared Leila Overhead In the pictures, a stylish modern look, where she wore a short dress with a knee-top and long sleeves in black, and the design was characterized by attractive gold embroidery.
It is decorated Leila Alawi Some Jewelry And accessories that increased her elegance, and her look has won the admiration of her followers on Instagram.
As for the aesthetic aspect, And adopted The artist Leila Overhead On Tufts of her wavy hair Drop down On her shoulders, she put an attractive makeup revealing the beauty of her features.


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