Australian researcher: the discovery of aliens is imminent


A researcher from the University of Melbourne in Australia believes that finding extraterrestrial life is not only imperative, but perhaps “imminent.” Kattal O’Connell explained that although the formation of life involves some complex chemistry, the merging elements are not unique, Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc. are among the most abundant elements in the universe.

Based on this, astronomers from the University of California at Berkeley have concluded that there can be as many as 40 billion exoplanets the size of Earth in the so-called “habitable zone” around their star, where temperatures are moderate enough to reach liquid water To the surface.

O’Connell said: “There appears to be another inevitable life, especially given that life appeared on Earth shortly after the formation of the planet.”

O’Connell notes that the search for aliens has crossed the boundaries of the imaginary world toward actual progressive sciences, as NASA has a space satellite – known as TESS His mission is to identify planets outside our solar system.

In November of last year, Professor Emeritus William Romser, an entomologist from the University of Ohio, published a report indicating the existence of life on Mars, and said that the photos taken by the NASA probe on Mars clearly show “fossil beings and living creatures” on the surface of the red planet.

“There was and is still life on Mars,” Romosser said. “There is a clear diversity between Mars-like animals, for example the presence of wings, wing flexion, graceful flight and legly organized elements differently.”

Romoser explained that the spacecraft had taken pictures clearly depicting insect and reptile-like forms, while the report received widespread media attention, his allegations were dismissed as personal speculation based on the interpretation of the evidence.


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