“Backlash”, an initial name for Ahmed Ezz with the participation of Hind Sabry and Hisham Selim


The company “Synergy” started Produced for the series “Backlash”, which is an initial name , The preparations and preparations for the series, starring Ahmed Ezz, and its exhibition in the coming Ramadan, written by Bahir Dowidar, and directed by Ahmed Alaa, and its filming will begin during January.

The series has set a “backlash” to be a tentative name for the work, pending the final name of the series, during the filming scheduled for launch on January 23, and the company has also developed a plan to start and finish filming.

In another context, Ahmed Ezz is currently continuing filming his last scenes from his movie “Al-Aref” in the state of Malaysia, accompanied by the star Ahmed Fahmy, Mohamed Mamdouh Tyson and others, written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir, directed by Ahmed Alaa, and produced by Synergy Company.

“The Seventh Day” has published the full list of the series, as follows: Hind Sabry, Hisham Selim, artist Salah Abdullah, artist Mahmoud Al-Bazawy, young artist Khaled Anwar, artist Mohammed Jumaa, Mayan El-Sayed and Ahmed Fouad Selim, and there is a large group of young people.

It is noteworthy that the star Hisham Selim presented his latest drama series “Kalbash 3” with the star Amir Karara, and was presented in the month of Ramadan last, and co-starred by Ahmed Al-Awadh, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Islam Jamal, Amani Kamal, written by Baher Dowidar, directed by Peter Mimi , Synergie Production.

The artist Ahmed Ezz recently presented the movie “Weld Rizk 2” Amr Youssef, Ahmed Al-Fishawy, Ahmed Dawoud, Karim Qasem, Khaled Al-Sawy and Nisreen Amin, in addition to Khaled Al-Sawy and Basem Samra with the emergence of a number of stars as guests of honor, headed by Ghada Adel, Iyad Nassar, Yousra, Majed Al-Masry, Asala and Aser Yasin Reem Mustafa, Mohamed Lotfy and Sayed Ragab, and written by Salah Al-Juhaini, directed by Tariq Al-Arian and produced by Synergy Films by its director Ahmed Badawi, Tariq Al-Arian, Moussa Issa and Al-Taher Media Production.


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