“Badji”, Al-Ahly’s new striker, few targets, many colorful cards


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Al-Ahly’s board of directors contracted with Senegalese Alliou Badji to lead the team’s attack, beginning with the current winter transfer season in January.

Badji was born in the tenth of October 1997, hashish at the age of 22 years, and is characterized by the fascinating length as it reaches 189 centimeters. He has never played any state match with the first Senegal national team, and the player’s marketing value is one million euros.

Badji began his career in the stadiums with the Senegalese Casa Sport team and from there to the Swedish Gorgards, then playing for the Austrian Rapid Vienna ranks this season.

The player played 104 games in his career with the clubs that defended the colors of her shirts, during which he scored 36 goals by a percentage in every 149 minutes, while making 10 goals during his career with the clubs.

The player’s roughness inside the green rectangle appears in the number of colored cards he obtained in his football career with clubs, where he obtained 13 yellow cards, including 4 cards during two games that led to the red card being shown in the face on two occasions.

Badji played 16 times in the shirt of the Senegal U-20 team, during which he scored one goal and one other.

As for his career with Austrian Rapid Vienna in the current season, he played 16 games with the team in the league, scored 3 goals, scored and won two cards in the best color, in 762 minutes, with 3 posts as a primary player in the squad and 13 games during which he participated as a substitute.

Over the course of his football career, the player succeeded in scoring the double during two matches against Admira Walker in the Austrian league and Got Borg in the Swedish league, while a single “hat trick” during his visit to Atvedarbj scored in the Swedish under-21 league, and his team won seven goals during this match.


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