Badji finder, Koura at night talks about … the beginning of amateurs .. and a mistake


Saidou Sani, president of the Senegalese Casa Sports Club, who discovered Alou Badji, the new Al Ahly striker, said that the Senegalese player started his career as an amateur player, explaining that he preferred the Egyptian league champion because of the financial return.

Finder Badji said in his statements to “Yalla Koura” today, Thursday: “He is a very talented player and played for the Senegalese youth team and the Olympic team, and we have an interest in his transfer to Al-Ahly because we are the club that undertook his training in the early years and we have the right to claim the right to sponsor him from Rapid Vienna . ”

He talked about the beginning of the player’s career in Senegal, and his discovery, saying: “Badji started his career in Casa as an amateur player, trained in the team, until he won the Senegal Cup twice, and played the Senegal Cup final once.”

Then he expressed his opinion on his personal behavior, in light of the crisis that occurred with Rapid Vienna fans after he wore the shirt of the traditional competitor of Red Bull Salzburg team for his team: “What happened to him with Rapid Vienna fans is a young mistake, but he is a player who is disciplined and respected to the utmost degree and does not deliberately make any mistake. ”

He also explained the reason behind preferring Al-Ahly to continue in Europe, saying: “The salary that he will get from Al-Ahly is better than his salary in Rapid Vienna, and he will quickly restore his level with the Egyptian team.”

He added: “Al-Ahly is a team for us and for many, no less than European clubs, and I am very confident that it will succeed and achieve more in the coming period.”

He added: “After starting in Casa Sports, he went to the Swedish Jurgarden, where he managed to make a great appearance for two seasons, and I am sure he will succeed soon in Egypt.”

Sido Sani played down the possibility of facing difficulties with the language and communicating with colleagues, saying: “There will be no problem. Yes, his native language is French, but he is fluent in English as well.”

He concluded his speech by advising the player, saying: “Work a lot, focus only on football, and quickly merge with your new club’s personality and philosophy.”


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