Balbab .. Aiten and Wafa Amer’s latest look on Facebook


The artist, Wafaa Amer, published a picture, through her personal account on “Facebook”, gathered by her sister, Ayten Amer. Wafaa Amer commented on the photo: “My love and I.”

The two stars appeared in a black “cup”, highlighting their beauty, while Eten Amer wore a black dress with a short dress, carrying a black bag on one of her shoulders.

The artist Wafaa Amer dressed in a long black dress, Shabika Al-Qusair, in coordination with him with a long black “Fourier” on her shoulders.

The two artists were keen on appearing with a flowy haircut, full makeup, based on lipstick and black eye liner.

It is reported that Wafaa Amer published a poster of “Art Vacation”, which Ayten released, through her official account on “Instagram”, and commented: “Congratulations, Ajmal Banouta.”


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