Barcelona Messi regain the lead with a disturbing victory over Granada


Barcelona defeated their host Granada 1-0 on Sunday in the 20th week of the Spanish Football League.

Barcelona did not make the offer expected by its fans in the first game led by its new coach Kiki, as he needed to invest in the expulsion of German Sanchez (69) and a goal from Argentine Lionel Messi (76) to seize the three points.

Kiki made some minor changes to the Barcelona list and the roles played by the team’s stars, but that was not enough to make an impressive show as it seemed a great need for a striker to make up for Suarez’s long absence due to injury.

Barcelona raised its score to 43 points in the lead, on goal difference from Real Madrid, while the loser balance stuck at 27 points in tenth place.

Barcelona vs Granada match – special coverage

  • (84) Frenchman Griezmann tries to shake the net from abroad.
  • (79) A new shot from Messi saved by Roy Silva.

Goal (76): Messi gives Barcelona the first goal from a great shot.

  • Expulsion (69) of Granada will miss the services of German Sanchez after receiving the second yellow alert.
  • (66) The most dangerous of the game’s chances is the Cameroonian Iteki shot that hit Ter Right Stegen’s right post.
  • (53) Barcelona is getting closer and more accidental to Fidel at the gates of the visitors’ goal, but you cannot find someone to follow her.
  • (50) Messi is trying to find a net through an attempt from outside the penalty area next to the goal.
  • (45) The usual dichotomy of Alba and Messi almost resulted in the first goal, but luck resisted the latter to end the game negatively.

– Calm raises concern in Barcelonas performance and the absence of opportunities two minutes before the end of the first half.

  • (28) The guest’s first attempts from Carlos Fernandez’s shot hit the Terre Stegen goal.
  • (21) Fati fails to reach dangerous Alba cross.
  • (18) The attempt by the Chilean Vidal lacks strength and is guided by the guard.
  • (14) Argentine Messi is shown with a direct free kick that goes wide.
  • (11) Fati takes the lead again and this time misses an opportunity to score with a shot above the goal.
  • (7) The most promising Fati, who had the first real threat in the match with a powerful shot from inside the penalty area, was confronted by Portuguese Roy Silva.
  • Barcelona and Granada match kicked off

The official squad for Barcelona and Granada


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