Basma Wahba attacks a famous Egyptian soccer player and threatens him with publishing pictures of him: “You look like people in front of people”


The Egyptian media attacked “Basma Wahba” during its “Everyday” program broadcast on “ON E” channel, a famous Egyptian soccer player who did not mention his name, but only mentioned the first letter of it, which is the letter “P”.

He accused Basma Wahba of the player of lack of commitment and discipline and seeing him in one of the nightclubs despite the crisis he is going through with his club, describing him as a “tenfold” and he could not support the fans and the club for a long time.

So she said: “Don’t think about the sweet years spent by the club. A talented player who took all the support and support from the club’s management and the fans and who didn’t take another player. However, he was determined to fail and failed all those who stood by him. He decided to continue in the path of loss.”

And she continued: “The people of Al-Koura know that commitment is what makes me a player who stays in heaven and all people in consultation with him like Muhammad Salah .. and lack of commitment is the one who destroys many talents… Michelbash sport .. Unfortunately, the player we are talking about today is on the bench and has many problems, even though he is in the club of any player in Egypt, he wishes, but he will return from his feet.

Basma Wahba added: “You are the player of his club, the patience for him in Egypt. All people were envious of the patience of your club. Unusually .. You are proud of what all the people are standing in your back and wanting to help you so that you stand on your leg. Aref Finn at the Nile Corniche Giza .. I thought. ”

She concluded her speech threatening the player, saying: “You won any residue from what you did there and what you were in it .. You look like what was in front of the people who were the base of your feet and your audience .. You lost an audience that was hopeful of you .. Who I am used to not adhere to is impossible and remains He is committed .. To your knowledge, I am sick of you. Download your image, so that the people who were with you, but the next time I will say your name, keep your mind. “


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