Because of an unlawful relationship … a student and unemployed were arrested, who attacked the Tok Tok driver


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Abnob police station investigation officers in Assiut succeeded in uncovering the ambiguity of the fact that a “Tok Talk” driver arrived at the central hospital with several separate injuries to the body and in an unstable state of health.

Major General Asaad Al-Zakir, Director of Assiut Security, received a notification from the Commissioner of the Abnoub Police Station, stating that a notification had been received from the Central Hospital in Abnob with the arrival of the invitee «M. “A” driver, “Tok Tok” and resident of Arab Al-Awamer, the center’s center, has four separate cuts in the back, suspected of penetrating and two cuts in the neck, on the right and left side, assertion of assault by others, and in an unstable condition, and he was transferred to Assiut University Hospital.

By moving and examining and asking him, he decided that while he was delivering two unknown persons to the “tuk tuk”, his leadership from Bandar Abnoub, towards the village of Bani Muhammad, the district center, and the district of Al-Khatba in the village of Bani Muhammed, he was surprised that they had assaulted him with a white weapon, who were in possession of his injury, and seized the tuk tuk and escaped fleeing.

Due to the seriousness of the incident and the outrageous infringement of the soul and the money, he was directed to form a research team in cooperation with officers of the Center’s Investigation Unit and the Public Security Branch. One of its most important items was to track the course of the perpetrators and their place of escape, use modern technologies and examine the surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the incident.

The research team concluded that the alleged perpetrator was responsible for each of the “S. a. BSC “Student and Invited” h. P. P «Without Work Residents Bani Muhammad Al-Aqab Department of the Center and the Advocate. P. P »Tuk Tuk Driver Resident Bani Muhammad Al-Shihabia Center Center.

After codifying the procedures, they were caught and faced with them, they admitted that they committed the incident at the instigation of the first accused of the existence of an unlawful relationship between it and the victim, after which she lured him to the location of the incident and the first and second defendants assaulted him with a white weapon that was in their possession, updating his injuries and stealing his tuk-tuk, which was set under their guidance. .

All legal measures were taken against the accused, and the Public Prosecution office, which started the investigation, was presented.

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