Beginning in February, the WhatsApp application was stopped on millions of iPhone and Android phones


Recently, the WhatsApp messaging app started stopping its services on many phones that are running the old operating system, and of course many WhatsApp users suffered from this on their old phones, but WhatsApp returned again to announce the suspension of its services on millions of other phones.

Stop the work of WhatsApp on millions of phones

The British Independent newspaper pointed out that the WhatsApp application starting from the first of February 2020 does not work on millions of phones with Android and iPhone phones, and earlier the WhatsApp application was stopped on Windows-powered phones forever, as for the new list of phones that will lose the WhatsApp application Forever, there are iPhone phones running version 8 of iOS, except in the case of an update to the operating system version 9, which are the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Beginning in February, WhatsApp was stopped on millions of iPhone and Android phones 1

On iPhone 4 and earlier versions, the WhatsApp application will stop working for them forever, and for phones that are running Android, it is scheduled that the WhatsApp services will stop, on phones running the older Android 4.0.3 operating system known as the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Warning against piracy with a famous brand

WhatsApp users have been warned, from a hacker attack on WhatsApp users, using a popular shoe brand tag, where a link is sent to receive a valuable gift, provided that it is clicked and sent to 20 of his contacts, which is incorrect.


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