Believe it or not, cars talk to traffic lights and warn the driver to set his speed


Cars can now speak to traffic lights and warn drivers when changing signal colors, so that they can adjust their speed, as drivers will soon be able to avoid traffic lights that do not operate in seconds thanks to a modern technology that knows when the lights will turn red or green, where they are connected The new cloud service that provides instant data on nearby traffic lights.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the technology tells drivers the colors that will be light upon their arrival, assuming that they do not exceed the speed limit, and information is shared with the 10-inch infotainment screen on board the vehicle, which allows drivers to slow down or accelerate Their approach is to avoid any undesirable delay.

The technology he named was tried V2I In Barcelona, ​​where the Spanish service provider revealed, they are looking for ways to improve road safety, traffic flow and environmental efficiency, and an artificial intelligence system that avoids self-driving cars recently was created in the same safety framework and applied in various ways.

When the vehicle approaches the traffic light, an alert appears on the screen indicating whether the color will turn red, green, or yellow by the time the vehicle arrives, and then calculates the distance the vehicle separates from the lights and the speed with which it was moving using the traffic data at the time Actual that is sent to the “cloud” directly from the car.

The process takes only 300 milliseconds, as cars connect to the cloud via an Internet connection, and the British Highways Agency previously reported that cooperative smart transportation systems (C-ITS) You will play an important role in the future of roads.

Data will be exchanged between connected vehicles, control centers, infrastructure, personal devices and cloud-based storage, and it hopes that data sharing will improve traffic flow, improve fuel efficiency and increase safety.


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