Believe it or not, only 12 minutes are repeated in a match in Italy. “Learn the details.”


In one of the rare facts in the world of football, he ended the referee of Virtus Verona and Gubbio in the second set of the match 12 minutes before the end of his game due to injury.

According to the Italian “Sky” network, the referee suffered an ankle injury in the 78th minute and the match was suspended for 15 minutes, after which he decided to end it, knowing that the penultimate guest club Gubbio was ahead of the goal without a response.

The fourth referee was supposed to replace the main referee to lead the match after him, but that did not happen.

Interestingly enough, the Italian federation announced the establishment of the remaining minutes of the life of the meeting only and not the entire match, which means that the two teams will play 12 minutes only, and January 22 has been decided to complete the confrontation.

It is noteworthy that the Italian Serie A consists of 3 groups whose champions qualify directly for the second degree.

It is known that the Italian Super League witnessed Juventus finished the first round of the Calcio competition, With a precious victory over Rome 2-1 in the match that brought the two parties to the “Olympic” stadium in the 19th round of the local championship

The Italian team Juventus achieved distinguished numbers during the first round competitions of the Calcio competition, as it fought 19 games and won 15 games, one loss and 3 draws, and scored 37 goals and received 18 goals.

The Italian club Juventus, the first-round competition of the calcio competition, concluded with a sad news after the Turkish Mireh Demiral suffered a cut in the cruciate ligament in addition to another injury in the articular cartilage of the same knee.


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