Beni Suef Governor discusses the possibility of promoting the Sanur Cave Reserve


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Dr. Mohamed Hani Ghoneim, Governor of Beni Suef, visited Wadi Sanur Cave Reserve, on Tuesday, which is located 60 kilometers southeast of the governorate, to discuss a number of proposals and visions for the development of the region and highlight its environmental, geological, archeological and tourist value, so that it can be included on the map of Egyptian tourism.

Ghoneim discussed the possibility of advancing the region as a whole, and preparing an integrated tourism program that includes the reserve and the historical places near it, and that can be converted into distinctive tourist attractions. Historical sources mention that the late Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar Sadat hid a long period near the Senor cave area, to escape the British After the killing of Amin Othman, who was calling for the necessity of the British occupation to remain in Egypt.

The governor pointed out that this proposed project is the first steps in implementing a strategy for tourism development in the governorate in accordance with the vision of the state 2030, and also discussed obstacles and requirements for the advancement of the region in coordination with the relevant ministries such as: restoring the entrance to the cave, providing a safe entrance to visit it, and paving the “tarmac” road leading to the cave that It reaches a length of about 30 km and other requirements and challenges facing the plan to transform the reserve into an ecological tourist geological shrine that is visited by tourists from different countries of the world.

During the visit, the governor listened to a brief presentation on the region and the stages of its discovery and declaration of a nature reserve and its status quo. The director of the reserve explained that the region includes the Valley of Senor cave that was discovered in 1989 while exploiting the Egyptian alabaster ore from the quarry, which is considered one of the finest types of marble in the world, in addition to that The cave is full of large quantities of decorated materials, which are stalagmites, stalings, curtains and beautiful pillars.

The governor also visited the Wadi Senur Dam at a distance. 2.5 km southeast of the cave, which was discovered in 2014, and the dam is located at the end of a barrier between two mountains, each about 50 meters high, and between them a creek extending towards the west in the form of a spiral in which the waters of torrential rains and waters.

Ghoneim visited the 500-acre area in Al-Habiba, the center for tourism investment, and examined on the ground a study of the possibility of the place being “through its investment in tourism fields and the establishment of an integrated tourist resort”, within a tourism program that includes and integrates with the Sanur Cave protected area, and there is a road “Muddak” connects the two regions.

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