Beren Saat is sad about the death of her star, and Kivanc Tatlitug is ill


Turkish star Recep Aktu died after a pulmonary embolism that killed his life at the age of 63, and his death was a shock to the entire Turkish artistic community.

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Turkish star Perrin San mourned the hero of her series (Forbidden Love) while Kivanc Tatlitug completely ignored his death and appears to be mentally ill because he once did not support his fellow grief and away from the friendship of the artistic community.

As for Hazal Kaya, whose role was also heroic in the same series, she did not write a letter about Recep Atco, and some Turkish websites said that she is preoccupied with her newborn baby who folds me from health problems from time to time because he is a god before the ninth month, and she is very busy with it.

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The series achieved a very high viewership in the artistic community, and through it the Arabs knew Rajab before his participation in the series (Valley of the Wolves)

Berrin published a picture of Berrin Acto
Berrin published a picture of Berrin Acto


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