Between an exceptional season and a missed opportunity … the departure of Azzaro is a win or a win


Moroccan striker Walid Azzaro, Al-Ahly striker, has raised a state of controversy about his technical and scoring capabilities, and the fans of the Red Castle were divided between supporters and opponents of the departure of the Moroccan player. The easy, wasted opportunities that cost the team to lose many titles.

A little while ago, Al-Ahly announced that Moroccan Walid Azzaro will be transferred to the Saudi agreement on loan for 6 months during the current winter transfer period.

The departure of Azzaro is a gain or a loss? Will Alio Badji quickly adapt to the team and make up for the scoring crisis of the Al-Ahly attack line? Will the Marwan Mohsen woke up? These are all questions that come to mind in Al-Ahly fans today.

Azzaro joined Al-Ahly at the start of the 2017/18 season, coming from the new Al-Hassani defense, and Al-Maghrabi participated in Al-Ahly’s shirt in 89 matches in various championships, scored 41 goals and made 16 successful passes.

And between an exceptional season during which he won the title of the local league’s top scorer and between a flood of wasted opportunities, the fans called him the “King of Missed Opportunities”. We review the most positive and negative scenes in Azaru’s journey with Al-Ahly:

Rades scene

With the 89th minute of the Al-Ahly and Esperance match, which brought them together in the second leg of the 2017 African Champions League quarter-final, Azzaro was alone in the Tunisian team’s goal from the middle of the stadium and headed towards the goal, but he hit the ball with great fanaticism to the left of the goalkeeper.

The missed opportunity did not affect Al-Ahly’s chances of qualifying for the semi-finals, especially since the first leg ended with a 2-2 positive tie, and Al-Ahly was two goals ahead of a goal in the second leg.

The reality of Wydad

The 2017 African Champions League final, Al-Ahly tied with Moroccan Wydad in the Burj Al Arab stadium with a goal for each team and gave a golden opportunity to Azzaro within the competing penalty area to score the second goal. The red team was close to achieving the title, but it was wasted.

The same scene was repeated in the return match hosted by Mohammed V Stadium, and in the 12th minute of the match, Azzaro was moving away from the Wydad goal in a few steps, and Moamen Zakaria crossed his Moroccan teammate who placed it in the hands of the Wydad goalkeeper.

Al-Ahly lost the match 1-0, and with it the team lost the CAF Champions League title.

Arabic exit

In the second leg match of the 16th round of the Zayed Cup (Arab Championship), Al-Ahly was a guest of Al-Wasl of the United Arab Emirates, after drawing two goals each in the first match in Borg Al-Arab.

Walid Suleiman progressed to Al-Ahly in the 59th minute of the match, and before Al Wasl scored the equalizer, Al-Ahly had another opportunity to score the second goal through Walid Azzaro in the 74th minute after his goal alone, but the ball hit the post.

Al Wasl tied through player Oh Ban Suk in the 83rd minute, and Al-Ahly bid farewell to the championship after a 1-1 draw.

Platinum match

In the third round match of the African Champions League groups the current version, Al-Ahly met Zimbabwe’s Platinum in a recurring scene that is no longer new to the fans of the Red Castle.

On the other hand, no one will be able to deny what the Moroccan player did in his first seasons with the Red Team, despite the criticism that accompanied the 24-year-old, but he won the league’s top scorer 2017/2018 season after scoring 18 goals.

He also scored four goals in the 2017 Champions League and was top scorer for the Red Team in Africa.

Super Emirates

Walid Azzaro was awarded the Egyptian Super Cup 2017 for Al-Ahly after defeating Al-Masry – the party to the second match – with a goal without returning his record in extra time.

My chance is Esperance

In the CAF Champions League first leg match between Al-Ahly and Tunisias Esperance 2018, Azzaro caused two penalty kicks for Al-Ahly, Walid Suleiman scored two goals in the match that ended in a 3-1 victory for the Red Team.

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