Between Antiquities and Preservation .. The story of Ramses’ statue, which was transferred at night from front


11:11 am

Friday 17 January 2020

Sharqia – Fatima Al-Deeb:

Intisar Kamel, Director General of Archaeological Consciousness in Sharqia, confirmed that the statue of King Ramses, which was moved early Friday morning, in front of Zagazig University, is not affiliated with the Antiquities Authority.

“Intisar” added, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that the statue is not an antique, but rather a simulation model similar to the statue of King Ramses, who is currently in the Great Egyptian Museum, was placed on his site in front of Zagazig University more than 10 years ago, to decorate the place by the Council Local of the city.

The director of archaeological awareness indicated that the statue is not original or archaeological, and that it was built by a national company specialized in making statues to decorate the fields.

For his part, Dr. Mamdouh Ghurab, the governor of Sharqia, said that the statue is made of gypsum and has no archaeological value, explaining that the university was contacted to provide another place to put the statue in it if they wanted to.

The “crow”, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that the transfer of the statue came to expand the place and re-paving it and create traffic liquidity, because the place will see presidential openings soon.

The governor of Al Sharqiya explained that there are efforts to redesign the city and give it a civilized and aesthetic face, befitting the capital of Sharqia, stressing that the re-coordination of the city may witness the presence of a new statue.

In the context, the pages of social networking sites witnessed a debate because of circulating pictures of the transfer process, about the feasibility of transporting the statue, which was conducted in the early hours of Friday morning, as part of the work to expand the road and open new traffic hubs.

Lens Masrawy took a video clip of the transfer, which was made by a crane pulled the statue from its base to the transport vehicle, where the video showed the mockery of citizens who gathered to watch the transfer of what they considered to be an impact, while some talked about the fragility of the statue “this is a paper statue” after breaking some parts during the process Transport.

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