Between freedom and criticism .. 3 looks for Sabreen after taking off the veil


The artist topped Sabreen Trend Google search index after appearing yesterday in the “Her Excellency” program with Esad Yunus, and her talk about the decision to take off her hijab, which she described as personal, demanding that no one interferes in it.And since I decided Sabreen Removing the hijab From the end of last year 2019, she was subjected to a campaign of criticism and attack on social media, some considered her personal freedom, and some criticized her for her decision to take off the hijab after she got old and presented many roles while wearing hijab.

It was the first appearance of Sabreen After taking off the veil while participating in the Arab Star Festival and honoring it, the star Ahmed El Sakka appeared in the photos taken by the photographers’ lenses, as he accepted the artist’s head Sabreen while they were in the festival.

And participated Sabreen In late December, Hani Al-Buhairi, a fashion designer, was showcased in the midst of a huge group of stars and artists.

It appeared Sabreen Yesterday night for the third time after taking off the veil, in her meeting with the program of Her Excellency, where she adopted the color of gray hair with a short haircut that gave her a different and distinctive look.


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