Beware, my family, the star scores its goals at this time


Lovers of the Round Witch await a fiery confrontation between Al-Ahly and the coastal star Al-Tunisi, scheduled to be held at nine in the evening today, Sunday, in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League in Al-Salam stadium, and the match – which will be attended by ten thousand fans – will be played by South African referee Victor Gomez.

Al-Ahly’s match against the star is witnessing a strong club between the two teams in order to qualify for the round of 8, and it appeared through the numbers of goals in which the star scored his goals in the African Champions League, in the 46th to 60th minute, which saw the star score 6 goals in his various matches.

Also, the second half always witnesses the star’s achievement of his most important goals, as the Tunisian team scored 12 goals in the second half compared to 5 in the first half, which confirms the strength of the Tunisian team in the second half from the offensive side.

The minute 1 to 15 witnesses one goal for the star, and in the 16th to 30th minute, the star scored two goals, and in the 31st to 45th goals two goals, and the 61st to 75th minute, he scored 3 goals and the 76th to 90th goals are also three.

While the Tunisian team’s goal receives more goals in the second half, as the matches witnessed the entry of 4 goals in the star’s goal in the second half, and only 3 goals in the first half.

Al-Ahmar will enter the game tonight, raising the slogan of “winning” only in order to maintain the completion of the journey of the African dream..

Al-Ahly will play the game, finishing third with 7 points, behind the star, the group leaders with 9 points, and the Sudanese second-placed Al Hilal with the same balance of points and goals difference from the coastal star, while Zimbabwe Platinum lies in the group’s tail with one point, and Al-Ahly knows that it is necessary to beat the champion of Tunisia Tonight to keep his hopes of going up, just as the Egyptian champion has a desire to avenge the guests who beat Al-Ahmar with a clean goal in the first round in Rades..


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