Beware .. Popular dating apps leak out your personal and sensitive data


Some of the world’s most popular dating apps have been accused of negligence in securing sensitive data for users in particular, as the “Norwegian Consumer Council”, a Norwegian government agency and consumer protection organization, has published a report accusing the dating apps Grindr, OKCupid and Tinder of publishing information about GPS location, gender and other user personal information in ways that Not responsible, according to the US engadget website.

While the dating service Grindr pledged not to share HIV cases and sexual anonymity with advertising partners, it transmits user-tracking information and the name of the application to more than ten companies, and effectively identifies users as gay, while OKCupid even sent data on Abuse of drugs, race and political opinions to analytics firm Braze.

The report also accused advertising technology companies of generally operating as a middleman, especially Twitter’s MoPub, and the Consumer Council said it used a “broker” for Grindr’s personal data, passing it on to companies like ATN T’s AppNexus and OpenX, and they in turn retained the rights to share this information with a group Wide range of companies.

Moreover, most applications in the study, including non-dating applications such as Muslim – Qibla Finder and the track Clue, do not provide clear information about what the user agrees to, and the user often has to navigate through legal documents to understand what is happening, or contact With companies directly to withdraw consent.

Accordingly, the Consumer Council and Privacy Group Noyb have filed complaints via the Consumer Protection GDPR law against Grindr, Twitter, AppNexus, OpenX and two other advertising technology companies AdColony and Smaato, and Vin Mirstad of the Consumer Council said the two private defense groups want to “turn the big power imbalance” Between users and third parties and making sure that people can make “informed choices” about how to share their data.


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