Billionaire billionaire Abu Hashima, free of Haifa Wehbe, is blackmailed by a scandalous call with an unknown woman


The name of the Egyptian billionaire Ahmed Abu Hashima, the free artist, Haifa Wehbe, topped the list of the most searched on social media, after a video of him was leaked while he was conducting a “sexual call” with an unknown woman. Abu Hashima used the photos and videos stored inside him to fabricate the rolling clip.According to an official statement from the Egyptian police, published by the magazine (Madam), 3 suspects were arrested in the case of falsifying photos and videos in order to blackmail Abu Hashima to obtain money in return.

The statement confirmed that the events of the incident began in 2014 from the start of the accused Marwa Ibrahim Mohamed Badawi, Muhammad Abdel Atti Othman and Yassin Shaaban Sabra, carrying out their plan and stealing the mobile phone of Abu Hashimas younger sister after they failed to steal the phone of the businessman.

The defendants completed their plan by blackmailing him against the stolen phone data and family photos by fabricating photographic materials and videos with the knowledge of technicians. This threat was the method they considered effective for threatening the businessman and obtaining large sums of money from him.

For his part, the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima took the necessary legal measures against these defendants, and he edited a report of stealing his sister’s mobile phone in the police station, then left the task of rhythmic neurological formation to the security services, and the implementation of the directions issued by them, which provide for receiving communications received from the accused and their actions They can even locate them.

The security forces succeeded in arresting the defendants in three different governorates, where Marwa Ibrahim was arrested in the Haram neighborhood in Cairo, and the accused Yassin Shaaban in Minya Governorate was arrested and the accused Muhammad Abd al-Ati in Alexandria Governorate was arrested, and the report No. 15051 of 2019 misdemeanor was freed.

It is mentioned that the pioneers of social networking sites discussed the leaked clip and Abu Hashima appears as he is making a sexual call with an unknown woman, and most of the comments came as astonishment from the freedom of Haifa Wehbe to resort to these actions, while others emphasized that the leak is an indication of the existence of a major trade war and the resort of his opponents to distort the image of the businessman .

Abu Hashima previously married Haifa Wehbe for many years, who witnessed the rise of his star in the sky of businessmen and nicknamed her “Iron Man” after he dominated the iron and media industry, and his marriage to the sister of international player Cristiano Ronaldo was repeated, and rumors linked him with the beautiful Daniela Rahma and the Lebanese and Moroccan satellite Please Kassabni and Manar Abdo, as news of his secret marriage to artist Mai Ezz El Din was promoted, but the latter denied the entire story.

Archival video of Ahmed Abu Hashima:

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